About Us

Passionate, proactive and thoughtful, we define ourselves by our working methods, which puts the human first, at all steps of the mandate entrusted to us. Dynamism, integrity, transparency, respect, collaboration, efficiency, quality and excellence are the values that underpin our actions.

Our Mission

Doing Things Differently

We have a unique approach; our collaborative work environment devoid of competition and unattainable performance targets is the best example. The authenticity of the relationships we build, the thoroughness of our market learning, the depth of our knowledge of each client and the rigour of our process are the keys to our success.

Our Expertise

Seasoned professionals

Each member of our team is committed to providing the best service at all times. They do so brilliantly thanks to our wide experience in recruitment and human resources, their ability to listen, their capacity to identify the needs of clients and candidates, as well as their developed interpersonal skills.

Our Vision

Quality comes first

We care about doing things right. We don’t only suggest problem-solving solutions, we tackle issues head-on in order to prevent them. In addition, we equip our clients by offering a high-quality service that is customized to the specific needs of each of the clients.

Recruitment is an art that flourishes over time with resilience and—sometimes—a good bottle of wine.
Working hard to finally find that rare gem for your client is like finding a Louis Vuitton handbag in a secondhand store. Same feeling, same satisfaction!
Our Pledge

Proactivity and Authenticity

As authenticity is a quality shared by all members of our team, we make sure to establish methodologies and processes that are proactive, transparent and human. From needs analysis to project delivery, we handle every step with rigour and professionalism in order to provide our client organizations with the best possible experience.

Our Services

Human and Personalized Approach

While advocating for a human and collaborative approach, our team offers headhunting, outsourcing, sourcing, human resources and coaching services, in addition to corporate training and organizational development.