Consulting Services for Job Seekers

By Marie-Eve Altur
October 20th 2021

Who we are

In January 2016, Novea began its activities by offering personalized and flexible headhunting services in the legal and administrative fields. Over time and with the varying demands of clients, Novea has broadened its scope of activities and developed new expertise to cover, in addition to administration and legal, the areas of human resources, finance & accounting, marketing & communications as well as the recruitment of executives. We are today recognized for our quality of service, our broad understanding of the market as well as our personalized approach oriented towards support and recruitment strategy.

The “fit”

Employers often speak of a “fit” when choosing their new resource for a role to fill. At Novea, we believe that the “fit” must be mutual – for both the employer and the candidate. Therefore, during an introductory call with our team, we take the time to learn more about you, your background, your interests, your personality and what you are looking for. We will then contact you if, and only if, we have an opportunity that fully matches your vision and interests. We will never force you to take part in a recruitment process since we are respectful of your requests and criteria. Our authenticity is our greatest strength.

Consulting service

In addition to accompanying you throughout the recruitment process with a client, we offer you advice on your interview presentation and your answers to interview questions, we present you with a complete profile of your future employer in a transparent manner and support you in the refinement of your application documents (CV and cover letter) as well as in updating your professional profile (LinkedIn). In addition, we are always available to answer your questions, whether it is for a recruitment process initiated on your side or for a job offer negotiation that is not through us. It is our pleasure to help you achieve your professional goals. Note that the counseling service for candidates at Novea is completely free.