Our story, our vision

Transform the recruitment industry

When we founded Novea, we wanted to transform traditional recruitment methods in the legal and administrative markets. Needless to say, this was a novel idea for the industry. Adieu to hasty and robotic recruitment styles. Farewell to recruiters who are driven by performance targets and won’t let anyone stand in the way of their personal goals. No more deceiving clients into believing that we are working solely on their mandate at all times. Here, teamwork and a limited number of mandates per recruiter are fundamental values for our company. Our goal is to increase the success rate of each one of our placements.

Accessibility and adaptability

Since our company’s very beginnings, our mission has been to give small and medium-sized businesses and law firms the chance to work with an experienced recruitment firm that offers outstanding services that are both personalized and adaptable. Today, all of our clients, big and small, can rely on us for a job well done!

Quality comes first

We started out with the idea that quality takes precedence over quantity. To stay true to this principle, we develop key partnerships with our clients, and we steer clear of any possible conflicts of interest. This approach also lends itself to a much larger hunting ground for our existing clients. Chew on this for a moment: if we adhere to the principle that searching for candidates among partners is a big no-no, but we have every company or every law firm as our client, where would we look for your candidates? By maintaining a smaller client base, our hands aren’t tied, and we don’t have to simply sit and wait patiently for the ideal candidate to fall into our laps. Our way of doing things works in our clients’ favour because it means we can TRULY access the passive candidate market.

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