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Whether it’s a temporary or permanent, part-time or full-time position, we are your best choice to meet your administrative, legal, executive or marketing recruitment needs. Our clients come in all sizes: small, medium and large law firms, as well as all sorts of companies (real estate, investment, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, aviation, new technologies, marketing and communications, professional associations, financial institutions, accounting, non-profit organizations, etc.).






Direct approach

We believe that being proactive is key to attracting the best talent. We don’t stop at posting your position on job boards and social networks, hoping for the best and waiting passively for the ideal candidate to apply. Instead, we adopt a creative, ambitious and interpersonal approach to our research methods. We already have a well-established reputation as experienced “hunters”!

Personalized services

We offer our clients personalized headhunting services (hourly or per call/meeting invoicing) depending on your specific needs.

Administrative and executive recruiting
Our mission

We want to save you time, money and energy by selecting first-rate, excellent applicants on your behalf.

Administrative personnel are an integral part of your company’s ongoing success. Whether you need to fill a support, translation, management, middle or senior management position, we can assist you with an effective and transparent recruitment process.

How we operate

All of our candidates are assessed in a comprehensive and targeted way. The process starts with a phone call to assess technical elements of the candidate’s application (review of CV, employment history, educational background).

We want you to meet the person behind the application. This means that we meet all of our candidates in an in-person interview where we assess personality, professional ambitions, languages, and motivation for change. We also evaluate language and computer skills using precise testing methods for French, English and Office Suite. You will then be presented with the remarkable candidate we selected, alongside a detailed description of our interview notes.




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The power of our network

We are recognized as a high-quality partner in legal recruitment for many reasons, including our unique work methods. By building solid partnerships with select law firms and companies, we maintain a large hunting ground just for them. Our partners benefit greatly from this specialized approach. Some agencies rely on their seniority; we rely on access to a broader network of legal professionals and employees, using a personalized and proactive work style.


It tends to be the case that large law firms and big companies are best served in the legal market. For this reason, we are proud to offer a personalized and adaptable formula that allows small and medium-sized firms and companies to access high-quality recruitment services, while respecting their budgetary constraints and meeting their expectations. With our exceptional approach, we are able to serve clients ranging from large corporations and law firms, to SMEs.

Marketing and communications recruitment

Innovation is at the heart of business development. To innovate, a company needs a marketing department that is nothing less than an authority in their field. We put our expertise to work for you by hunting for only the best talent. Whether you’re looking for marketing support, a marketing coordinator, marketing manager, business development specialist or strategist, we’re here to help you reach your goals.

Recruitment firm 3.0

We see creativity as an integral element in marketing. That is why we are constantly developing new ideas for how we can find your perfect fit. As a 3.0 recruitment firm, we are experts in sourcing qualified candidates, and we’re not scared to think outside the box in order to help you get your desired results.

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