Novea positions itself as a leader in consulting services among its clients. With the rewarding experience from members of its team and a complete understanding of the market, Novea makes use of its expertise to organizations in order to equip them with the best practices in recruitment, human resources and professional development.

Why Choose Us?

The values behind our actions set us apart

Dynamism & Proactivity
Fun at work, proactivity and dynamism define us. We like to challenge codes, redefine standards and bring forward innovation and creativity to provide our clients with the best possible service.
Integrity & Transparency
We like to do things right. We take the context into consideration, adapt our approach and personalize our services, while offering unequalled rigour in our approach based on integrity and transparency.
Respect & Collaboration
We position ourselves as devoted and committed and partners in the accomplishment of your projects. The respect of each other’s time and expectations is an integral part of a good collaboration.
Quality and Excellence
Our saying: quality over quantity. We are always striving to learn from our experience and to develop professionally; we do everything we can to ensure that you do as well.

Recruitment & Headhunting

Do you need to find the perfect candidate for this role? We can help you find qualified and trustworthy collaborators to join your organization.


Outsourcing Services

Do you need some extra help in-house but don’t feel like hiring someone? Our outsourcing service will allow you to achieve your goals.



Do you need help for the first part of the recruitment process only? We act as your representatives on the labour market and build the best candidates pipeline for you.


Human Resources

Your organization does not have a human resources department? Our team can help you develop your policies and procedures, manage your projects and answer your human resources questions.



Our coaching service allows you to guide work teams or managers so that they can reach their goals more quickly.


Corporate Training

Our team offers tailor-made training and collaborative workshops for your work teams on a variety of relevant topics that will benefit your business.


Organizational Development

Do you want to expand the human potential of your organization in order to maximize the efficiency of work processes? We will guide you in the achievement of your innovative projects.

The Novea Method

The human being at the heart of our support

1. Taking of needs
We study the needs and take the time to analyze the scheme of things to set up the best strategy to see through your goals.
2. Contextual Analysis
Together, we instate an action plan and decide how many hours will be required for this mandate.
3. Presentation of a thorough quotation
We present you with a detailed proposal, formulated according to the specific needs of your company.
4. Establishment of an action plan and a timeline
By establishing a global vision of the project and planning a realistic schedule suited to your needs, we decide the next steps of the mandate.
5. Clear bidirectional communication channel
Throughout the project, we ensure that expectations and deadlines are met, acting as a close and devoted partner to our client organizations.
6. Presentation of the draft project
In the event of a more complex mandate, the presentation of a draft is essential to ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved.
7. Adjustments on the retroaction
Following comments made on the draft project, we adjust our methods and refine the results obtained until we get the best possible version of the project.
8. Project delivery
After working collaboratively and developing the best solutions for your organization, we are now able to deliver a quality project.
9. Feedback on the entire process
Since we take a keen interest in the professional development and because continuous improvement is at the centre of everything we do, we ask for feedback from our clients.
10. What's next?

We are here to help for any future projects!