Whether it’s for an entry-level, middle, or senior management position, we use our recruitment expertise to fulfill your Administrative, Legal, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Communications, as well as your Executive and High-Level Management needs.

Why Us?

The values behind our actions set us apart


Fun at work is one of our core values. We take the time to develop a genuine interest in people in order to build dynamic and personalized relationships.


For us, integrity means a commitment to never source candidates—neither directly nor indirectly—from our partners.


Transparency is essential at all stages of the recruitment process. Our candidates and clients know exactly what to expect.


We follow up with all of our collaborators on a regular basis. We believe that when treated with respect, people don’t feel like numbers and are more involved.


We do not work for our clients. We work with them. In a relationship promoting open and fluid communication, everyone is a winner.


In order to maximize our efficiency, we may refuse to take on new mandates to prioritize our ongoing engagement.


It is out of the question for us to send you ten irrelevant applications. Each application submitted is carefully evaluated. We prioritize quality over quantity.


Our mission is to find the best resources for you—ones you will be proud of. We strive for excellence.



Our goal is to help you find trustworthy and competent collaborators to join your organization.



Thanks to our unique service offering, we stand out as partners of choice in legal recruitment.


Human Resources

Commitment, mobility, diversity, innovation: the challenges in human resources are numerous. We help you deal with them.


Accounting and Finance

We target the best profiles through a comprehensive candidate screening and assessment process.


Marketing and Communication

By focusing on creativity, we are always developing new ideas in order to find your future employees.


Executives and High-Level Management

Our personalized approach to candidate prospecting allows us to target and select the best candidates for your managerial positions.


Engineering and Environmental

We use our best headhunting skills to find the actors of tomorrow's world.

Recruitment Process

Humans are at the heart of each step of a mission

1. Mission acceptance and market assessment

We like to receive and give the right time. We therefore take the time to fully understand your needs and your organization in order to better represent you on the market.

2. Development of recruitment strategy

Together, we establish the selection criterias and the attraction strategy, in addition to establishing a detailed schedule and action plan.

3. Targeted candidate hunting

Whether it is through our candidates’ bank or through profile prospecting during a headhunting approach, each candidate is carefully targeted.

4. Phone interview

During an initial phone call, we identify the candidate’s search criteria and also assess mutual interests with the organization we represent.

5. Knowledge assessment

If necessary, the candidates selected for a first meeting with our team must first perform language and computer tools tests.

6. Screening interview

Our team carefully assesses the application during an in-person, or virtual, selection interview in which we validate experience, training and transferable skills.

7. Transmission of application

Through detailed interview notes, we present you with a selection of the best candidates for the position to be filled.

8. Client interview

We help coordinate the interview process within your organization and regularly take the pulse with the various parties involved.

9. Offer negotiation

In order to attract and retain the best talent, your final job offer must be competitive and detailed. We are actively participating in the development and negotiation of it.

10. Regular follow-ups

During and after the recruitment mandate, we carry out regular follow-ups to ensure the proper integration of your new resource.