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Coaching is a well-known method of personalized support that enables you to achieve your goals faster.
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Management Coaching

Implemented in an organizational environment, coaching is used for a wide range of issues: leadership development, performance betterment, team-building improvement, communication boost, etc. By offering coaching sessions suited to managers and work teams, we provide a safe and confidential environment that allows them to reach their full potential.

We Offer

A Partnership to Reach your Goals

Coaching is used to reach specific objectives. These goals can be of a professional or personal point of view and have a transformational or improvement purpose.

The coaching relationship is a partnership between the coach and the “coachee,” based on mutual trust and a deep desire of change from the client. Using a systemic methodology, the coach guide his client in a process of reflection, discovery and learning, and helps him to push his limits in order to be creative in his search for solutions.

Warning: the coach doesn’t provide solutions (unlike consulting, for example). Rather, it aims to guide the client in getting to know himself, in identifying internal mechanisms, in developing specific skills and abilities, and in improving the level of personal and professional satisfaction.

First Step: Exploratory Call

Is coaching the best way to achieve your goals? We will answer this question during the exploratory call. Please note that the coaching is foremost an entirely voluntary process that can’t be imposed on any member of your team.

Second Step: First Meeting (Virtual)

During the first meeting, the terms of the relationship are discussed individually with the people concerned, i.e., with the representatives of the organization on one hand, and the “coachee” on the other. These terms refer to the presentation of the fix rate and payment plan, the duration and frequency of the sessions, the management of expectations on both sides of the collaboration, the commitment necessary to the success of the relationship, the elaboration of goals to be reached, the definition of an action plan, etc.

The first meeting concludes with the signing of a coaching agreement between the parties involved. Please note that it is sometimes necessary to schedule more than one (1) meeting to discuss all these components and thus set the table for a successful coaching relationship.

Third Step: Coaching Sessions

A coaching relationship lasts an average of six (6) to twelve (12) sessions, depending on the objectives to reach. Each session lasts between sixty (60) to one hundred and twenty (120) minutes, and can be held on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The sessions are offered virtually.

The Commitment of the Organization to the Coaching Relationship

When a company mandates us to coach an employee, a manager, or a work team (tripartite agreement), it commits to offering ongoing support to create an environment favourable to the success of the process (e.g., promoting the availability of the “coachees,” creating internal development enablers, respecting the confidentiality of the relationship, ensuring the maintenance of the voluntary status of members, etc.).

End of the Coaching Relationship

The coaching relationship ends when the objectives are reached, when the predetermined number of sessions is used up, when one of the parties involved wants to end the relationship, or in case of non-payment.

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