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Corporate Training

Our team members have acquired a credibility that only strengthens with each passing year. By offering training to your managers or in-house work teams, we put our experience to work for your organization.
Our Expertise

The Variety of our Clients

We have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of organizations of all sizes and all backgrounds. By consolidating the experience we have gained with each and every of them, we are able to offer you the best training that meets your needs.

We Offer

Customized Training

We have developed a diverse and complete proposal in terms of training in order to make your managers and work teams as autonomous as possible.

Please note that it is possible for our team to set up a workshop or a training session adapted to a specific need for your organization. Tell us more about your needs dans we will gladly find the best solutions to meet them.

List of “Ready to Go” corporate training offered by Novea:
  • The best practices in recruitment and staffing;
  • How to stand out as an employer and promote your employer brand;
  • How to foster the engagement and mobilization of your employees;
  • The best headhunting techniques;
  • Understanding the different leadership styles in business;
  • How to create a benevolent work environment and foster good communication in the workplace;
  • Understanding the different personalities among your work groups and adapt your communication accordingly.

Each training is offered in virtual or in-person (travel expenses to be discussed). The duration of each training is two (2) hours, and is given to a maximum of one hundred (100) people.

You would like to know more about our Corporate Training Services?

Communicate with our Team now. It will be our pleasure to schedule a call to explain how we work!