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Organizational Development

Would you like to explain the human potential of your organization to maximize the efficiency of your work processes? We will guide you in the achievement of your innovative projects.

A human-Oriented Approach

We believe that your team members are the most important assets of your compagny. In order to keep them committed and mobilized, it is important to adopt the best relational and technical practices, as well as to rely on the understanding or their needs and innovating their work environment.

We Offer

Effective Management of your OD Projects

We suggest that we act as your business partner in the accomplishment of your change management projects by offering you a personalized strategic support, and act as enablers for the members involved in the project.

First Step: Taking of Needs and Contextual Analysis

We proceed to an analysis of the need and take the time to examine the context in order to set up the best action strategy.

Second Step: Diagnosis and Recommendations

Following the analysis of your needs, we provide you with the result of our evaluation (diagnosis) and suggest recommendations. Together, we establish an action plan and a schedule, and decide the number of hours required to carry out your project.

Third Step: Draft and Delivery of the Project

By maintaining a bidirectional communication channel throughout the mandate, we are able to provide you with a draft of the project and refine the results according to your comments and suggestions.

Fourth Step: Feedback on the Collaboration

As we are constantly looking for new professional development opportunities, we ask our client to provide us with feedback on our service.

What’s Next?

Did you enjoy working with our team for your mandate? Tell us about your other needs in recruitment, human resources, and organizational and professional development so we can continue our great collaboration!

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