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An extra pair of hands can be pretty helpful when a particularly demanding project is set in motion. In outsourcing, we provide you with a qualified resource to see through a project related to staffing, recruiting or any area of human resources.

A Great Knowledge of the Market

By working with a wide variety of organizations, we have become experts in the best ways to do human resources. We are not afraid to think outside the box to make use of our expertise and knowledge for you.

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A Creative and Recognized Service

Sometimes, headhunting is not the best way to carry out your project: limited budget, specificity of the role, need to keep control of the recruitment project, etc. In this case, outsourcing is the right solution for you. In an outsourcing mandate, our team “lends” you a resource, i.e., a member of our team, for an established number of hours. Therefore, you add an additional resource to your team without officially hiring an in-house person.

First Step: Taking of Needs and Contextual Analysis

We analyze your need and your context in order to develop the best action strategy. Together, we establish an action plan and a recruitment strategy, we identify performance indicators related to the role to be filled and we decide how many hours will be required to complete the mandate.

Second Step: Writing of the Job Posting and Interview Template

We write the job posting and set up an interview template after defining the selection criteria for the role and their preponderance, and performing the contextual analysis of the organization and development of the tasks.

Third Step: Analysis, Sorting of Applications and Direct Solicitations

We manage the entirety of the process from A to Z. In addition to letting you post your job on your platforms, we also post it on several others (Indeed, LinkedIn, our Web site, etc.). It is also possible to set up a bank of additional hours or add some in order to do headhunting and thus improve your pipeline of candidates. The applications received can be entered to your application management system if needed.

Fourth Step: Calls and Interviews

We make initial calls with candidates, and then we establish together the best interview strategy. We can conduct the initial interviews for you, or we can do it together to maximize the efficiency of the process. A thorough report of the received and solicited applications, including feedback from our calls and interviews with the candidates, will be provided to you at the end of the mandate.

Fifth Step: Management of the Job Offer

We remain available to assist in the negotiation of the job offer with the candidate, including the creation of an employment contract template if necessary.

Sixth Step: Integration Process of the Employee

We can develop an optimal integration plan for your new employee. We will then share with you the best practices in this area and suggest ways to implement initiatives.

What’s Next?

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