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Recruitment & Headhunting

Our team targets the best profiles by means of a thorough selection and evaluation process. Our true goal is to help you find reliable and qualified candidates for your organization.

Your Partner of Choice

We are way more than a headhunting firm—we are your partner of choice in recruitment. Thorough screening of applications, exhaustive and personalized interviews, and language and technical tests are among the means we use to select the best candidates for positions to be filled.

We offer

A Unique Way of Doing Things on the Market

The promise of our offer is unquestionably unique: quality first.

Quality of our Clients‘ Relationships

We commit to limiting the number of our clients within a given industry in order to reserve a bigger headhunting ground for them. In return, our clients commit to providing us with exclusive mandates on a regular basis.

Quality of our Candidates‘ Relationships

We will never put our candidate in a position of conflict by offering to take part in three (3) or four (4) simultaneous hiring processes.

We are committed to proposing the right role to the right person and remain upright at all stages of the process. The client is then convinced that we don’t haggle out our applications. In return, our clients compensate us throughout the mandate for the service provided (step-by-step billing).

Quality of Our Process

Our process is rigorous from start to finish. From the identification of potential candidates, the thoroughness of our interview process, the in-depth analysis of each application, to the detailed presentation of the candidate’s file; we are committed to providing the best of ourselves.

Our clients understand that our headhunting process is extensive, and are committed to allowing us the time to complete the process.

Quality of the Communication

This is more than just a simple headhunting service. Throughout the process, we work to promote the employer brand of the organization that mandates us by communicating the benefits and opportunities offered by the latter.

We also conduct a market analysis that will benefit the client for future roles. We are committed to communicating with the client on a regular basis to share the state of the market, the progress of the mandate and the issues involved.

For its part, the client agrees to provide us with a quick and efficient feedback following the submission of the applications, and to keep us informed in real time of any information that could have an impact on the headhunting process.

We are Actively Involved in Your Success

Our unique way of doing things allows our clients to collaborate with a true business partner that is dedicated to the success of each and every mandate entrusted to us.


Administrative Recruitment
  • Administrative Assistant;
  • Medical Assistant;
  • Executive Assistant;
  • Marketing Assistant;
  • Human Resources Assistant;
  • Administrative Technician;
  • Administrative or Office Coordinator;
  • Translator, Revisor or Editor.
Legal Recruitment
  • Legal Assistant;
  • Legal Technician;
  • Lawyer or Notary;
  • Legal Advisor;
  • Researcher;
  • Director of Legal Matters;
  • Trademark or Patent Agent;
  • Positions in office management (knowledge management, files manager, student matters, diversity and inclusion, etc.).
Human Resources Recruitment
  • Human Resources Technician;
  • Human Resources Advisor;
  • Human Resources Business Partner;
  • Human Resources Director;
  • Payroll and Fringe Benefits Technician, Specialist or Director;
  • Labour Relations Specialist;
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist;
  • Organizational Development Specialist.
Marketing & Communications Recruitment
  • Marketing or Communication Specialist;
  • Project Manager;
  • Business Development Manager;
  • Communication Advisor, Specialist or Director;
  • Marketing Advisor, Specialist or Director;
  • Public Relations Advisor, Specialist or Director;
  • Proposal Specialist.
Accounting & Finances Recruitment
  • Bookkeeper or Data Entry Clerk;
  • Accounting Technician;
  • Financial Analyst;
  • Accountant;
  • Controller;
  • Auditor;
  • Finance Director.
Executives & High-Level Management Recruitment
  • Associate Lawyer;
  • Vice-President;
  • President;
  • Managing Director;
  • Chief Officer (Financial, Operation, Compliance, Legal).
Engineering and Environment Recruitment
  • Environment Project Manager;
  • Engineer or Civil Engineering Technician;
  • Engineer and Environment Specialist;
  • Engineer and Environment Manager.
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