We are invested in people and their motivations, and prioritize building genuine relationships. Our mission is to support you in your professional endeavours while offering you personalized advice.

Our Approach

A support according to your needs and suited to your reality

Writing of a Resume
Do you need to write your resume but don’t know where to start? We can help you write it in French and English. Duration: five (5) hours.
Reviewing and Optimization of a Resume
Would you like to adapt your resume to a specific position, or simply optimize it to maximize your chances to obtain a coveted job? This collaborative workshop will meet your needs in every point. Duration: three (3) hours.
Translation of a Resume
We offer the French or English translation of your resume, according to your specific need. Duration: at least two (2) hours.
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
Did you know that your LinkedIn page is your calling card in the professional sphere? Sometimes even more used than your resume to evaluate an application, it is crucial to know how to optimize it to the fullest. Therefore, we offer you a collaborative workshop that will help you raise your professional profile. Duration: three (3) hours.
Beginning of a Job Search Process
Looking for a job can be unsettling, especially if you’re not used to it: how to establish a job search routine? How to find the best job opportunities? How to stand out in the presentation of your application? We offer an interactive and collaborative workshop that will help you structure your research in the best possible way. Duration: three (3) hours.
Help in the Interview Preparation
Have you been invited to an interview for an organization and help to prepare for it? We will give you all the relevant tips and tricks you need to prepare for your meeting and best prepare your answers to the interview questions. Duration: at least two (2) hours.
Interview Simulation
Does the idea of an interview turns you grey (or gives you a headache)? Would you like to evaluate your interview performance and receive a targeted and personalized feedback within a safe and trustworthy environment in order to perform better when the time comes? Our interview simulation workshop will help you achieve this goal. Duration: at least three (3) hours.
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