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Proficiency, expertise and commitment; the future belongs to your organization. We implement our best talent acquisition skills to build your motivated candidates' list.

The Best Methodology

Building a pipeline of targeted and qualified candidate that meet rated requirements is the foundation of the headhunting profession. Our many years of experience in this field are at your service to develop the best list of potential candidates.

We offer

Specialized Sourcing

You want to perform your own recruitment process while assisting the first part of the mandate, i.e., the development of the pool of potential candidates, to an external team? Our outsourcing services are precisely what you need.

First Step: Taking of Needs and Contextual Analysis

First, we take the time to understand your need and analyze your request (the role, the targeted profile, how your organization differs from others, KPIs, etc.).

Second Step: Creating a Pool of Potential Candidates

At the beginning of this step, we develop a list of keywords that will then allow us to build a Boolean search formula to target the best candidates for the role. We work with the most advanced version of LinkedIn Recruiter; it allows us to access all LinkedIn profiles worldwide.

Third Step: Approaching the Most Relevant Applications

Although some of our clients prefer to do this step themselves after receiving the list of potential candidates (“prospects”), we offer you the possibility of making the first approaches for you. Therefore, the more we know about your company and the position to be filled, the better equipped we are to customize our written approach and solicit the candidates’ commitment.

Fourth Step: Introductory Call

It is also possible for us to make a brief introductory call with potential candidates to validate their interest for the role and organization, their motivation to change and their salary expectations.

Fifth Step: Delivery of an Exhaustive List to the Client

We will provide you with a detailed list made up of names, given names and links to the candidate’s profiles, as well as our notes (feedback, reasons for rejection, information received during the conversation) following the approaches and calls made, if need be.

What’s Next?

Did you enjoy working with our team for your mandate? Tell us about your other needs in recruitment, human resources, and organizational and professional development so we can continue our great collaboration!

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