Rates, invoicing and guarantees


We know that everyone has a different reality. At Novea, we offer affordable, flexible rates that are specific to your needs. In the case of an exclusive mandate (take over the position and recruitment achieved 100% by Novea), you will get a cost-effective and competitive rate. You will save time, money and resources, while our dedicated team works hard to find you the perfect candidate.

Novea’s clients pay zero fees if our firm doesn’t hire the candidate. Working with us is simply a win-win-win!

Save time

Save on resources

Save money

Hourly invoicing

Per meeting invoicing

Per call invoicing


If you have already compiled a list of potential candidates and you simply want assistance approaching your applicants, we can take care of the headhunting and simply bill you per phone call and/or per meeting.

If you need help with a specific step in your recruitment process, such as sourcing candidates or developing a list of potential prospects, we’ve got your back. We can charge you an hourly rate for our services.

Personalized hourly rates, as well as call and meeting rates require an initial deposit from the client. The client is provided with an evaluation and estimate for approval before work begins.


We are proud of our impressive success rate in matching perfect candidates with our clients. We rarely replace a candidate thanks to our accurate assessment of the applicant at the beginning of the recruitment process. If ever this should happen, you can rest assured that we have that covered too. That’s why we created a replacement policy.

Whether it is for administrative, executive, legal or marketing positions, all of our placements offer a guarantee in the event of dissatisfaction on the part of the client or the voluntary departure of the candidate. We are able to closely monitor the employee’s integration within the team thanks to our personalized follow-ups throughout the guarantee period.

Precise candidate assessment

Personalized follow-ups

Guarantee policy

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