Why working with our Recruitment Agency?  

By l'équipe de Novea
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Why work with our Recruitment Agency?  

This is not news, finding the perfect candidate who combines skills and know-how is not an easy task. Assessment of needs, internal approval of the position opening, determination of selection criteria, development of a weighted job description, drafting of a posting and promotion of the position on social networks: there are many tasks to be completed before sorting through the applications. Then comes the headhunting, the reception and analysis of the applications, the contact with the selected candidates, the aptitude tests, the organization of the interviews, the negotiation of the offer, the reception and the integration… In short, a lot of work to fill a single position.   

What do you do when you have too much on your plate? When you don’t know how to go about recruiting the best person for the role? Have you ever thought about getting help to complete all your recruitment mandates? Novea gives you a few reasons to use our customized recruitment services.  

Save Time  

Finding the candidate who will perform best in the position and become a true asset to your organization while sharing your values and aligning with your corporate mission is not easy, especially in these times of labour shortages. Conducting a thorough and efficient recruitment process is time consuming and may force you to neglect other important tasks and projects.   

By entrusting your recruitment mandates to an agency like ours that understands your reality, you save time. The tools and processes are adapted to facilitate all stages of recruitment and allow you to find your new collaborators as quickly as possible.  

Lean Process  

When calling on our services, you are supported by a team of professionals who take responsibility for your entire recruitment process. Our agency takes care of identifying the relevant profiles for the role, making the first solicitations and contacts, as well as managing and analyzing the applications, in order to offer you a selection of the best profiles according to your expectations. Then you just have to meet the candidates and find the perfect collaborator. You will also benefit a regular follow-up from our teams and can thus devote yourself to other projects, with a lighter mind.  


You may wish to initiate a recruitment process while maintaining anonymity and without ever displaying your company name. By working with us, this is possible. We will then be responsible for making solicitations on your behalf, while preserving your identity and disclosing it only to those being considered for the position.   


Beyond the targeted search for potential profiles, our agency maintains a relationship of trust with its client companies, and equally with a vast network of candidates. Communication and transparency are key elements in our recruitment process. Our customized support service allows us to get to know our partners in depth, to identify their expectations and challenges, and to find the best matches for our clients. We take the time to meet with our clients to define with them the profile they are looking for, but also to learn more about the team, the company and the internal dynamics in order to be their best ambassadors to the candidates.   


Collaborating with a recruitment agency means working closely with experts in labor relations and human resources. In this way, we are very familiar with the job market and its specificities. We are in the best position to participate in the implementation of your action plans and to easily identify the profiles that best correspond to your projects. In addition, the personalized advice we offer allows you to achieve greater efficiency in your recruitment processes. Over the years, we have built up in-depth expertise in talent search, which we put to work for your organization.   

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