Why work with a Recruitment Agency?

By l'équipe de Novea
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Why work with our Recruitment Agency?  

When recruiting, finding the perfect candidate who combines skills and expertise can be a challenging task. Needs assessment, internal approval of the opening of a position, identification of rated requirements, development of a thorough job description, drafting of a posting and promotion of the position on social media: there are several steps to take before even starting to sort out the applications. Then comes the headhunting, the reception and analysis of the applications, the initial contact with the selected people, the aptitude tests to be sent, the organization of the interviews, the negotiation of the offer, the onboarding of the selected person… In short, filling a single position requires a lot of work.    

What to do when you have too much on your shoulders? Have you ever been confronted with an overly technical role for which you lacked the time to conduct a thorough search? Specialized coaching could be the alternative to complete your recruitment mandates. Novea presents a few reasons to call upon its personalized services. 

Save Time

The challenges in recruitment are numerous: finding the candidate who will perform best in the position to be filled, who will become a real asset to your organization and who will share your values, while sticking to your mission. It is not an easy task, especially in these times of labour shortage. Conducting a thorough and effective recruitment process is time consuming and may force you to neglect other important tasks and projects.    

By entrusting your recruitment mandates to an agency like ours, that understands your reality, you save time. Our tools and processes are suited to ease all stages of recruitment and allow you to find your new collaborators as quickly as possible. 

Exclusive Candidates

Headhunting is a demanding process that allows us to unearth talents that are not actively seeking a new role. Indeed, by working with us, you have access to a diversified and qualified pool of candidates. By seeking them out, we give you access to people whose experience is precisely the one you need, and we also promote your company to them.   

Since we make sure to maintain long-term relationships with both our clients and candidates, we benefit from a network of professionals with experience and ambition we know. 

Cut-down Process

When you call on us, you are supported by a team of professionals who take responsibility for your entire recruitment process. Our agency takes care of identifying the relevant profiles for the role, making the first solicitations and contacts, as well as managing and analyzing the applications in order to suggest you a selection of the best profiles according to your expectations. We make an initial call and interview for you in order to give you the most thorough selection possible, but also to provide you with detailed information on each of the candidates we suggest.  

We act as facilitators throughout the entire process. Therefore, you benefit from regular follow-up from our team and have the chance to focus on other projects with a lighter mind. We also coordinate your meetings with candidates to help you find the employee that best suits your needs. 


You may wish to begin a recruitment process anonymously and not have your company name displayed; by working with us, it’s possible. We will then act on your behalf when soliciting candidates, and will only disclose your identity to those who are truly being considered for the position. Our postings are always written in such a way to preserve the anonymity of your company, while allowing us to promote your position. 


Beyond the targeted search for potential profiles, our agency fosters a solid relationship with its client companies, but also with a large network of candidates. Communication and transparency are the key elements of our recruitment process. Our customized support service allows us to know our partners well and to identify their expectations and stakes. When we take on a mandate, we explore with our clients the different aspects of the role: the required skills, but also the team dynamic, the work environment and the companys values. Our goal is to be their best ambassadors among the candidates. 


Working with a recruitment agency is collaborating closely with experts in labour relations and human resources.   

In seven (7) years of existence, Novea has developed expertise as well as methodology in specific fields such as administration, legal, human resources or marketing. All of this oversaw by professional recruiters who are specialists in their respective fields. We are well aware of the job market and its specificities. As such, we are in the best position to implement your action plan and identify the profiles that best meet your expectations.   

We’ve also developed an excellent knowledge of the market and are aware of its constant evolution. This allows us to provide you with the most updated recommendations, which is essential in a constantly changing market. For more information on our services, contact a member of our team today!